Who we are

Volf trading plc is a dynamic and forward-thinking company specialized in the import of constrictions and medical machinery, as well as the export of high-quality agricultural products and minerals. We are located in Addis Ababa Ethiopia with a commitment to excellence and a focus on sustainable business practices, Volf trading plc has established itself as a liable and innovative player in the global market.


At Volf Trading Plc, we aspire to be a transformative force in international trade. We envision a future where we bridge the gap between cutting-edge solutions in construction and healthcare and the immense potential of the agriculture and minerals sectors. We are committed to:

  • Facilitating dynamic trade: By fostering connections between international markets, we aim to unlock new opportunities and empower growth within the construction and healthcare industries.
  • Championing innovation: We believe in harnessing the power of cutting-edge solutions to deliver tangible benefits in healthcare and construction projects around the world.
  • Empowering agricultural and mineral producers: Volf Trading Plc is dedicated to supporting the growth and prosperity of these vital sectors. We strive to create a sustainable future where agricultural and mineral resources are harnessed responsibly and contribute to global well-being.


Our company is dedicated to delivering top-notch imported constriction and medical machinery meeting the diverse needs of our clients with efficiency and precision. Simultaneously, we strive to contribute to global food security and resource sustainability by exporting high agricultural products and minerals. Providing customers with quality products in the fields we work engaged in the addressee of the shortage of goods.


Our team is comprised of professionals with expertise in the import and export industry.

Volf Trading – Import and Export Company in Ethiopia - Yosef

Yosef Awoke

Bsc. in Architecture, CEO

Volf Trading – Import and Export Company in Ethiopia - Yosef

Abenezer Awoke

Bsc. in Automotive, Deputy CEO

Volf Trading – Import and Export Company in Ethiopia - Yosef

Tigist Yalew

Bsc. in Geology

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